HYPO Offers Flash Subscribers Free Sample Product.

by Administrator 21. November 2013 06:40

Hypo is a product established for removing the toughest stains on clothes especially white material and also a brand trying to carve a niche for itself especially among other similar products.

In effort to create more awareness for their products, they decided to give out 50,000 free samples of Hypo to customers daily. However, because of the nature of the market environment, it was very difficult to measure how many customers actually got the samples for free and how many of the free samples were sold. Hypo needed to design an effective strategy for this objective evaluation.

After weighing several options, Hypo chose the Flash solution offered by VConnect.com to monitor their sampling activity. They felt the Flash approach was their best option as it would effectively provide a measurable data of how many subscribers that received the free samples in real time. After opting to use the Flash option, Hypo approached VConnect to properly execute the sampling monitoring plan.

The strategy was designed in such a way that Hypo marketers walk to the market with danglers to enlighten users of the free hypo sampling offer via Flash.

'We looked at several other options for effective analysis….They were either too complex or expensive, none of them stood out as VConnect Flash offer''
-Olu Akinwunmi, Public Relations Officer''

After opting to use the Flash option,

  • Hypo took advantage of this avenue to provide customers with free samples of Hypo.
  • Customers get to receive the free samples by showing the text message they received as a confirmation for flashing the numbers which is free of cost.
  • The Flash strategy made it very easy for them to track how many customers got their free hypo samples real time.
  • Since it can be monitored real time, it helped their management to take strategic dynamic decisions on their sampling plan.
  • They were able to save 40% of the sampling satchets which never reached the right audience earlier.


Best Choice Adopts Flash to Foster Friendly Customer Relationships.

by Administrator 20. November 2013 14:09


Best Choice is a convenience store retail chain in Lagos which started in 2010; they have allocated over 200 stores to investors/franchises to run the business without charging for rent. In a bid to create awareness of their services and build a healthy relationship with their customers, they decided they wanted to have a detailed account profile of their customers. However, because of the large numbers of patronage, it was difficult to identify their target audience from a random customer.

After much deliberation, Best Choice chose the Flash solution offered by VConnect.com to build a detailed database of customers. They felt the Flash approach was an appropriate approach as it would effectively provide a measurable data of how many loyal customers through consistent patronage based on the messages received as a result of the flash offer.

''We considered other viable options for effective enumeration….They were either too technical or not feasible, VConnect Flash offer was the most suitable option as it was all encompassing''

-Olayemi Omobowale, Marketing Manager''

After opting to use the Flash option, Best Choice approached VConnect:

  • For thorough compilation of their customers' profiling
  • The Strategy was designed in such a way that danglers are fixed in strategic areas of the stores.
  • Best Choice could now send text messages of promotional and other product offers to targeted audience.
  • Customers could now walk into the stores with a prior knowledge of product offers and sales activities via Flash offer.
  • Best Choice was able to access the number of customers that patronised their stores in real time.
  • In one month they recorded about 50, 000 customer profiling.
  • The Flash strategy made it very easy for them to track customers got their free text messages.


Scope of Flash2follow solution

by Administrator 20. November 2013 13:57


  • Personalized online portal to track and download responses
  • Engagement platform based on missed call with automatic SMS response
  • Customer Relations Management Integration
  • Free missed call concept reduces user friction
  • Accessible to 110 Million mobile users
  • Works on all handsets & Service Providers
  • Proven higher rates than SMS campaigns
  • Faster than telephone, web and traditional paper survey results
  • Responses aggregate on our web portal instantly
  • Personalized online portal to track and download responses


Who can use Flash2follow solution

by Administrator 20. November 2013 12:41

For Business Owner

  • Every business needs to know their clients.
  • Flash2follow provides a unique dedicated flash number which helps business owners to generate leads, community building, customer feedback and customer relationship management.


For Corporate Houses

Innovation is the right keyword for any corporate house in this competitive business environment. Flash2follow offers various integrated tools on missed call, which can help corporate houses to establish themselves in market place as an innovative player.

For Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCGs)

FMCGs are actively involved in the daily lives of Nigerians and they play an essential role in our socioeconomic development. The top FMCG companies are characterised by their ability to produce the items that are in highest demand by consumers, and at the same time, develop loyalty and trust towards their brands,


Flash makes this goal easily attainable.


About Flash2follow

Flash2follow is a platform designed to cater for various organisational needs depending upon specific task required to be achieved.

Flash is an ideal solution that not only bridges communication gap but also enhances friendly relationship between business owners and their customers. Flash provides an array of services for all classes of business.

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